Keeping users informed

In the bottom left of the create project form, there are three fields that can be used to help keep users informed about the status if the raffle, and any additional steps they may need to take in order to claim their prize.
The Private info for Winners field is used to give information to the winners that the creator would not like to post publicly, for example a link to a private or closed Discord server that the winners must join. It can also just be used for any general information the user may need in order to claim their prize.
Public info for Winners behaves similarly, but is visible publicly on the website, and when the bot announces winners in Discord.
If either Public or Private info is provided to the winner, the web site will show an ! icon to the user in the top right corner of the raffle in the list page. This indicates to them that there is additional info on the raffle page, and there is a checkbox they can check there to clear the ! status.
Another field is available below, called Direct to Contract. Checking this will show a checkmark icon in the top right for winners, and indicates that there is no additional action to be taken for them to claim their prize.