Connect Wallet

Require users to perform a read-only signature with their web3 wallet to ensure ownership of that wallet.

All raffles require that a user has connected a wallet address to Alphabot. However, they will only be asked for a read-only signature with their wallet if they need to verify ownership, either to prove they own a certain NFT, or to edit their profile settings.

The Connect Wallet requirement allows the raffle creator to specify an amount of ETH the wallet must hold to qualify and/or one or many contract addresses for NFTs that the user is required to own in order to enter the raffle. If more than one is specified, holding any of those will fulfill the requirement.


Checking the Multiplier checkbox next to the contract address field in the Connect Wallet section allows NFTs to be set up as "multipliers" of entries, basically if the user holds 5 of the specified NFT, they will have essentially 5 entries into the raffle.


When verifying NFT ownership for traditional raffles, Alphabot will check against a blockchain API to see if the user owns the NFT a total of two times per user - First when the user initally submits their raffle registration. It will check again when winners are picked, to ensure the user has not transferred or sold their NFT, and if they have, their entry is invalidated.

Multiple Wallets

All Signed Wallets from the user will be considered for NFT requirements and in the case when Multipliers are enabled, all NFTs across the user's signed wallets will be considered for the number of entries.

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