Rolling & Finalization

When a raffle's end time is reached, a background process will automatically pick winners randomly. There is nothing too special or fancy -- at its core, the back end uses javascript's Math.random() method to select winners randomly from the entries. If Auto-finalize is selected, it will also immediately finalize and notify winners.
In raffles where there is an NFT requirement, it does one final check of every entry prior to winner selection, and for those where a multiplier token is used, it adds entries into the picking array for each token every entry wallet holds. With this extra check, it can take several minutes depending on the number of entries.
The raffle creator can find the results of the raffle on the Entries page, look for the trophy 🏆 icon in the raffle's actions menu. On this page, you will see two grids, the total entries at the bottom, and the picked winners at the top. If Auto-finalize is not selected, the creator will see a Finalize button, which when clicked, will notify winners that they won, and prevent major edits to the raffle.