Project List Page

The Projects List page is a mirror of the Calendar, as it shows data from the same projects database. On this page, the data is presented in a list format with a variety of filters and the option to search.

View active and won raffles

By clicking on the downward arrow on the far right of the project row, a section opens up underneath the selected project showcasing all active raffles for that project across all teams on Alphabot. If you've won any raffles for that project, they will display in a separate section below, along with the wallet you submitted.

Report incorrect, missing, or fraudulent data

Any user can report incorrect or missing data for a project by clicking on the orange flag icon on the right - as can be seen in the image below.

When clicking on the orange flag icon shown above, the window shown in the image below opens. You first have the option to select whether you're reporting missing or incorrect data, or if you're reporting fraudulent data.

If you report the project for being fraudulent, please make sure to share evidence and your reason for the report.

View unvetted projects

As a Premium member, you have the ability to enable the option of seeing un-vetted projects on the calendar and project list, and to be reminded for them. For information on how to enable this settings, please see the Notifications section of your Account Settings.

Un-vetted projects are indicated by the orange alert (⚠️) icon on the left of their name - as can be seen in the image below.

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