Creating Your Account

To set up an account, you can click on Sign In on the top right of any page on the Alphabot website. You'll be prompted to select a method to sign in (wallet or social account), which will automatically create an account for you - as long as an account doesn't already exist with the selected sign-in method (if it does already exist, you'll simply be signed in to the existing account).

You can then proceed to your profile, by clicking on the top right of the window or clicking on the link here, to continue with setting up your account (add signed wallets, mint wallets, social accounts, email address, etc).

Alternatively, if you want to connect all socials right away, you can navigate to, where they can connect their wallet, Discord account, and Twitter account to be fully set up and prepared to fulfill any raffle requirements.

Users can also have multiple mint wallets as well, with a simple dropdown to select which wallet they'd like to submit to a raffle when entering from the main raffle page, as the wallet which will be returned to the team running the raffle in the event of them winning. They can also set community default mint wallets across all blockchains, to prevent submitting the same mint wallets.

Connecting to mobile

Once a user has set up their account on a desktop or laptop browser, they can easily connect to any mobile browser using the Mobile Connect button in the header. This will display a QR code and a six-character code the user can use to connect their account to mobile.

Either scan the QR code or navigate to on your mobile browser and enter the six-digit code and you will be securely connected to that mobile browser with your wallet account!

Creating an account on mobile

Alternatively, if mobile is your main platform - you are also able to create a new account on mobile. You'll be able to sign in on any other device using the same sign in method (e.g. the same wallet address or Discord account).

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