The main goal of Alphabot is to make things as easy as possible for both the raffle creators and entrants. The software offers easy ways to set up highly customizable requirements, collect raffle winner's details, receive and track information about projects, and monitor mint dates.

From simple use cases like first-come first-serve to raffles with Discord requirements and role multipliers, Alphabot covers any use case you can imagine. If you're still ever missing a feature, share it in the #feature-ideas channel in our Discord! We read all of the suggestions and base our development roadmap on what our users want next.

There are 2 parts to Alphabot: the website and a Discord bot. The website can be used on its own, where all raffles features and data can be managed. The Discord bot is optional but offers a full integration of raffle features, mint calendar, and reminders right in your community's Discord server.

Types of Raffles

Raffle types include standard giveaways (raffle), first-come first-serve (FCFS), applications, and wallet collection. The process changes based on the type of raffle you select. For more information about the different types of raffles, please see What is a Raffle?.

Customizable Requirements

Alphabot is designed to be simple yet very customizable - you can use as many or as little requirements as you'd like. All requirements are available across the different raffle types and the collected data will depend on the selected requirements. Below is a summary of the available requirements:

  • Verifying NFT holdings

  • Minimum ETH balance requirements

  • Validating Discord membership

  • Requiring Twitter engagement

  • Free-form text field inputs

  • Email collection

  • Password protection

For more information about the different requirements and how to use them, please see Entry Requirements.

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