Rerolling Winners

Sometimes, winners will be unable to join or have already won a spot for a project and will need to be re-rolled. This can be done by finding those individual users in the winners grid on the Entries page by using the search bar, and then selecting them with the checkbox on the left side. When the winners that need to be rerolled are selected, clicking the Reroll Selected button will initiate the process.

The backend will select new winners to replace the reroll users and show the results in a confirmation dialog. This will show the users that are being removed from the winners list, and the ones that will be added. Clicking Confirm Reroll will complete the process.

Note: This can be done after finalization has occurred. In this case, you will want to be 100% sure the users are aware that they are being rerolled, because they will have already been notified that they won. If finalization is completed when rerolling occurs, the new winners will be notified immediately that they have been rolled as winners.

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