Raffle Templates

On the Manage Team page, you have the ability to create templates that can be used to easily apply a set of requirements when you create a new raffle. Existing templates will be shown here, along with the option to create a new raffle using the template, select it as the default template for new raffles within the team (star icon), edit the template, or remove the template. A new raffle template can be created by clicking on Create +.

Creating a new raffle template

After clicking on the Create button shown above, the window shown below opens up. First, you can give the template a name to easily identify it later on when you create a raffle. Then, you can proceed to select the requirements below, as you normally would when you set up a raffle (see Entry Requirements for more).

Alternatively, click on Import to automatically import the requirements of a previous raffle using the raffle's link.

How to use a raffle template

Please see Using Raffle Templates.

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