❔ Alphabot fails a raffle requirement, but it shouldn't ❔

The first thing to try if you have completed a Discord or Twitter requirement, but Alphabot is not showing it, is to navigate to your Alphabot profile page, remove the offending connection, and reconnect. Sometimes Discord and Twitter OAUTH connection can be lost, refreshing that connection usually fixes these types of issues. If an NFT requirement is failing, it is possible our backend is being rate limited. If you wait a minute and try again, it will usually work properly.

❔Alphabot won't post into my Discord channel❔

Alphabot requires certain permissions within the Discord channel in order to post. When you approve the bot, it asks for these permissions, but since most channels these days are private you must also ensure it has permissions to View Channel, Send Messages, and Embed Links in any channels it must post in, not just globally. Alphabot also checks that the creator of the raffle has at least Send Messages permission within those channels as well, so make sure your team members have this permission too.

❔ Does Alphabot work on mobile❔

Yes! Besides having a full discord integration that mobile users can use, the Alphabot website is fully responsive and has several options for connecting to mobile using Metamask Browser, Wallet Connect, or Coinbase Wallet are common options. If you're able to access a desktop or laptop, you can also use the "Mobile Connect" button in the header to easily connect to a non-web3 mobile browser as well.

❔Help, I can't connect my Twitter account on Metamask mobile❔

There is a known issue when using Metamask mobile browser and attempting to connect your Twitter account. The current solution is to use desktop/laptop browser with Metamask extension, or one of the other supported mobile wallet connections: Wallet Connect, Fortmatic and Coinbase wallets are supported.

❔How do I get access to create raffles on Alphabot❔

Please see Introduction to get started with creating raffles on Alphabot.

Is Alphabot safe to connect my wallet to

Alphabot will never ask for a gas transaction, and will only ever ask for a read-only signature to verify wallet ownership for the following reasons:

  1. The user is attempting to enter a raffle that has an NFT requirement

  2. The user is trying to modify user profile data

  3. The user is attempting to use advanced functionality like creating raffle

It will never ask to approve a token spend, or any other type of gas transaction on the blockchain. As such, it has no capability to perform any malicious activity with your wallet. If you ever see it asking for a gas transaction, it is possible you have clicked a Phishing link and you should reject it immediately and verify the url you are visiting is https://www.alphabot.app

Alphabot will store the fact that you signed with your wallet in the session, which will last for 30 days and will be refreshed with every visit -- so if you visit once a month, you will never have to sign again. Clearing cookies will also destroy this session and mean you have to reconnect and sign again.

How does Alphabot verify raffle requirements

  • Alphabot verifies NFT ownership by checking the main account wallet against the blockchain

  • For Discord and Twitter, it uses their OAUTH APIs to verify those requirements.

  • CAPTCHA requirements are completed in the browser using Google's reCAPTCHA technology. In Discord, a simple math question will be need to be answered.

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