Connect Telegram

Require users to be member of a specific channel or group

When enabling the Connect to Telegram requirement, you're requiring each entrant to have a Telegram account connected to Alphabot. You can leave the requirement at this and it will just collect the entrant's Telegram usernames.

You can require membership of a specific channel or group by selecting it in the dropdown field. An invite link for the selected group/channel can be added as well if preferred.

Multiple Telegram requirements can be added (for different groups/channels), which will be treated as AND logic - so the entrant will have to meet each Telegram requirement before they can enter.

The Telegram chat ID can be added manually as well if you are not in the server or not seeing it in the list. To get this ID, we've also added a command for convenience, type /chat_info into the chat, and if the Alphabot bot is present, it will output the data it has available including the chat's ID. Note: This Telegram chat ID should be a NEGATIVE number like -123123123

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