Entry Requirements

All raffle types can have requirements that the user must complete in order to register for that raffle. Requirements are optional when you create a raffle, but please note that only data from the selected requirements will be collected (e.g. you'll only get entrants' Twitter usernames if you select the Connect Twitter requirement). Requirements are set up when creating a raffle and can be changed at any time by the creator of the raffle until it is finalized. These include:

  • Verifying NFT holdings, along with multipliers to assign additional entries based on the number of NFTs they hold.

  • Minimum ETH balance requirements.

  • Validating Discord membership and roles, along with the ability to assign additional entries to specific roles.

  • Requiring Twitter engagement, including follows, likes, and retweets.

  • Collecting Telegram usernames and verifying channel or group membership.

  • Free-form text field inputs.

  • Visit a web page.

  • Email collection.

  • Password protection.

  • Additional CAPTCHA for added anti-bot measures.

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