Team Socials

When creating a team, you'll have the option to link your community's Twitter and Discord server to your Alphabot team. These can be edited at any time on the Manage Team page. A green checkmark displayed next to the Twitter and Discord field indicates that they are properly linked, as can be seen below.


Your team's Twitter account will be displayed across Alphabot - for example on individual raffle pages. Make sure to properly verify the Twitter account to benefit from upcoming features which will require verification. If a red cross icon is displayed next to the Twitter field, it means that the account is not properly linked and a message with instructions is displayed on hover of the icon - as can be seen in the image below. You can verify the Twitter account by clicking on the red icon and authorizing via the Twitter API.

Discord Server

The connected Discord server is used to determine who is a part of your community and will thus affect who is able to see your raffles on the Alphabot homepage (when using the "My Community" visibility option for raffles). Additionally, properly connecting the Discord server here is also required to use the Discord bot features such as raffle and winner announcements.

In order to connect the Discord server, the team owner must have Ban Members permission in the selected Discord server - as to ensure that they are actually authorized. A verified Discord server will display a green checkmark, as can be seen in the images above. If not properly verified, a red icon will display instead and you can hover over the icon to see instructions on how to proceed.

Telegram Channels and Groups

Click on the dropdown field to select the preferred Telegram channel or group.

A green or red icon next to the field will indicate whether the team has been successfully connected to Telegram. The Telegram bot has to be set up in the selected channel or group for the connection to be successful (for more see Telegram Bot Setup). In case of a red icon, please hover over it to see more details.

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