Post Raffle to Discord

Each raffle can be posted into Discord as a raffle announcement, along with a post announcing the winners, and a post reminding the winners of that raffle on the day of mint. The bot can also create a thread, role, and/or channel for winners. Finally, the bot can also ping users when announcing the raffle.

In order for these features to work, you will first need to have the discord bot set up - for more info on this please see Discord Bot Setup.

Announcement channel & Ping users

You can select a channel to post the raffle announcement into. This will post an embed message into the selected channel with all information about the raffle, along with a button to enter the raffle directly from Discord, and a button to view the raffle on the website.

As you can see in the screenshot below, on top of the embed message, a role has been tagged. This is a custom role specified using the role id in the Ping users field shown above.

Winners channel

When the raffle finishes and winners are picked, the bot will send a message in the selected channel tagging each winner individually, along with a link to the raffle, the project's twitter, and a button to enable an additional reminder 30 minutes before the project mints (see Notifications for more information on individual reminders).

As you can see in the image below, one of the names does not show as a username - rather as the ID (<@9336...>). This happens when the tagged user is not in the Discord where the message is posted.

Mint reminder channel

When enabled, the bot will automatically remind all winners of a raffle in the selected channel on the project's mint date. A Remind Me is also shown that can enable an additional reminder 30 minutes before the project mints for the user who clicks on it.

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