Keep track of your upcoming launches, that you've won on Alphabot or elsewhere, in an easy-to-use scheduler. All times shown are adjusted to your device's timezone.

Daily overview

By clicking on a day, the content on the right will reflect the projects or launches for that selected day. You can see further information about the individual projects or launches by clicking on the name, which opens up a window as shown in the image below.

Here you can star the project (i.e. favorite), add it to your Google Calendar, see the project's social links, any available data about the launch (supply/price/raise in the image below), and the ability to add external wins (see Adding External Wins for more).

Launches or projects you've won

Any projects that you have won whitelist for on Alphabot, or that you have added as an external win, will be marked in green - as can be seen in the example below featuring a project named Hidden Kitten City. All days where a project is minting that you have whitelist for, will also be marked with a green outline as can be seen on the left in the image below. On top of that, the number of launches where you have whitelist for and the number of other launches are also highlighted (see the 1 win and 4 other launches in the image below).

Starred projects or launches

Projects that you've starred (i.e. favorited) are highlighted in yellow.

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