Wallet Management

The Alphabot Discord bot provides some slash-commands that make wallet management simple for users.

  • /set-wallet can be used to setup their account if they have not done so already on the alphabot.app website. Note: this cannot be used to change their wallet, as that is a basic piece to alphabot authentication. To change this, they will need sign into the website with their new wallet and connect their Discord/Twitter accounts to the new wallet account

  • /set-mint-wallet allows the user to specify a separate mint wallet that will be submitted to raffle creators when they win a raffle. This can be changed at any time.

  • /set-mint-wallet-server allows the user to specify a specific wallet to be used for all raffles within the current server. Note: Teams must have set up their discord server connection for this to work!

  • /check-wallet will simply inform the user of what wallet they have connected to their account, and if they have a mint wallet specified that is different from their main wallet, it will inform them of that wallet address as well.

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