Connect Discord

Require users to have joined specific discord servers, and/or have specific roles within those servers.

The Connect Discord option creates a requirement on the raffle forcing users to have connected their Discord account to Alphabot, so that their discord id and name can be returned to the raffle creator after the raffle is complete. It is also a requirement if you intend to connect the raffle to the Discord bot.

A raffle creator can also require users to have joined a certain Discord server, as well as optionally having a certain role or roles within that server. Additionally, the creators can also exclude users who are in a certain Discord server (and with a specific role). When they register for the raffle, Alphabot will check using the Discord API if the user has joined that server and/or has the required role.

Discord membership and roles are re-checked at the time of drawing, as long as our Discord bot is in the server that you're checking for.

Multiple Roles & Role Multiplier

As many Discord server requirements as needed can be added with the + Add Discord Requirement button below the role fields, and are treated as an "AND" requirement. If "OR" is needed for multiple roles in a server simply add more roles into that same server's requirement.

Role Multipliers are easy too! When adding the role to the requirement, simply add a number in the Multiplier field for how many entries users with that role should get! The user will receive these extra entries for whichever role gives them the most. If you enable Stacking, the additional entries from each role will stack if the user is eligible for multiple roles.

How to Copy Discord IDs

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