Team Members

A team has 3 roles, each with its own permissions and abilities:

  • Owner: This individual is the creator of the team (or received ownership from the creator) and is able to invite new members, remove existing members, get or manage the team subscription, and customize the team. There can only be one owner. Includes all manager and member permissions too.

  • Manager: Managers have the ability to invite new members, remove existing members, and set up or manage the subscription. There can be multiple managers. Includes all member permissions too.

  • Member: Members are able to create new raffles within the team, manage and access existing raffles within the team, and access the analytics dashboard of the team.

Adding members

When creating a new team, you'll start out just by yourself - and as the creator of the team, you'll automatically get the Owner role (as is indicated by the Owner title underneath your name, and the crown icon on the right side). You can add members by clicking on the +Add button on the top right of the screenshot below.

This then opens up a field where you can input the ETH or SOL wallet address from the user that you would like to add. Please note that this has to be an address that the user has added in the Signed Wallets section in their profile (see Creating Your Account for more).

Managing existing members

Click on the options icon (three dots) next to the member to see the options for that user. Depending on the user you will have the following options:

  • Remove from team. As the name suggests, this will remove the user from the team and removes their access to the team's raffles.

  • Promote manager. This option promotes the user to the manager role described above. For users that are already a manager in your team, this option will instead read Remove Manager - which demotes them back to a regular member.

  • Transfer Ownership. This option transfers ownership of the team from yourself to the selected person. Please beware that you cannot undo this yourself (contact our team if you need help - Support Tickets).

Member names

The name that displays in the team members section will depend on what accounts the member has connected to Alphabot.

  • If the member only has a wallet address connected to their account, this will show as in the screenshot below.

  • If the member has a wallet and Twitter account connected, the Twitter username will show, along with the wallet address underneath it.

  • If the member has a wallet, Twitter account, and Discord account connected - the Discord username will show along with the wallet address underneath it. As can be seen in the screenshot below for adutchbro.

If you notice a team member does not have a Discord account connected, please notify them to (re)connect their Discord - as they will need this to use the Discord raffle features. Feel free to forward them to Creating Your Account for help.

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