What is a Raffle?

A raffle is the main entity within Alphabot. This is where information about a project is shared with the user, as well as what kind of reward they can hope to gain by entering the raffle.

Raffles can be one of four types, selected on the raffle creation page: FCFS (or first-come, first-served), a more traditional Raffle where a subset of entries will be randomly selected by Alphabot to be the winners, an Applicationwhere winners can be individually picked based on responses to questions, or a more basic Wallet Collection type that is mainly used for gathering wallets from users who have already achieved a discord role or other requirements necessary.

Raffles can have certain Entry Requirements that the user must fulfill in order to register. This ensures that only eligible users are able to enter and that users are not able to exploit the system to enter more times than they should be able.

Raffles can also be templates for easily creating future raffles - every raffle you create will have the option of Duplicate in order to easily transfer the configuration of that raffle to a brand-new raffle.

Raffle structure

The individual raffle page is always structured the same way (with the exception of the Application, which is slightly different), and includes the following sections:

  • Project banner.

  • Profile image from project and host team.

  • Raffle title.

  • Project information (pulled from the Project Data Source).

  • Raffle description.

  • Entry requirements (or tasks).

  • Other active raffles for the same project.

  • Won raffles for the same project.

Take a look at the different raffle types, or proceed to Creating Your First Raffle.

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