Alphabot is a website + discord bot integration for running raffles, built to add efficiency and enjoyment to the raffling & wallet collection process for projects, alpha groups, & users
The main goal of Alphabot is to make things as efficient and easy as possible for both the raffle creators and entrants, and also to provide winners with and easy way to receive and track information about the project, monitoring mint dates and any additional steps they need to take to claim their prize, and even a way for the team to give private information such as closed discord links to winners.
Common advanced use cases include Discord requirements and Role Multipliers, connecting the Discord Bot and leveraging Project Data to help users stay up to date on information about projects and their launches. The bot will even remind users of the day that a project they won WL for is minting so they won't miss it!
The raffle list is a great tool for users and creators to track ongoing raffles, and tell at a glance the status of their entries


In our current phase, we are aiming to spread awareness and trust within the broader NFT community, and as such Alphabot is free to use for reputable teams/projects.
We do have plans to monetize access to the creator functionality of the tool in the mid term future with an NFT drop for lifetime access, and will be offering a large discount to early adaptor communities when that occurs, to ensure interruption does not occur.

Team Onboarding

Alphabot is set up to be team based and collaborative, the current way to get your team going with it is to speak with Apelist and get your team set up with access.
Once that's done, you and your team members who connect with those wallets will be able to create raffles at https://www.alphabot.app/new. Teams also can have an animated icon associated with them that does a cool animate on hover effect on the site similar to within discord.
Winners are greeted with an exciting burst of confetti! As well as any additional info they need to track about the project's launch, and steps they may need to take to collect their prize

Creating raffles

Any Alphabot raffle can be duplicated, so the first step is to create one or many templates for your team that they can copy into new raffles. Within the individual raffle, you configure which channel you'd like the bot to post the raffle announcement, and which you'd like it to ping the winners. Keeping these separate makes things much cleaner. More info


You can also configure which wallet, discord, twitter, captcha and/or password requirements you'd like to have. Any of these are optional, but if you connect the bot to the raffle, you must require users to at least connect their discord to alphabot, otherwise the bot is unable to ping them. You can have any number of wallet, discord, or twitter follow requirements on a given raffle
For wallet requirements, you can require NFTs be held in the connected wallet, and can optionally apply a "multiplier" effect where each NFT held is an entry into the raffle. You can also optionally allow specific discord roles to receive a multiplier effect as well.
Captcha and password requirements can be done from either the website or within discord.
More info on requirements in the docs
The project create/edit page has a ton of configuration options, and almost everything is optional

Picking & Exporting Winners

When a raffle reaches its end date, Alphabot raffles are picked using a straightforward RNG mechanism. The raffle creator and their team members can access the project entries page where they can export user's discord, wallet, and twitter info to easily send to collaboration partners or add them to a contract. Data can be downloaded as a CSV, or copied directly into a spreadsheet such as google sheets or excel.
The entries page gives relevant info in easy to browse and export grids
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