Alpha Communities

Access raffles directly from the raffle list simply by being a member of an Alphabot community's discord!
Alpha communities are a feature which allows teams to expand visibility of raffles to their community and beyond, and grants users a new level of visibility to raffles throughout the Alphabot ecosystem. This is the first phase of advanced community-level functionality we have planned!
Filtering has also become more advanced. Users can now multi-select the registration status of raffles they are looking to find, along with switching between "All" and "My" communities.
With advanced filtering users can easily filter to see the raffles they want and discover new communities!

Community Defaults

Users can now select default wallets to be submitted per-community! Users can select these defaults within their profile, and also with the new /set-mint-wallet-server (details here) command from within discord. The selected wallet will be the default selection for this community on the raffle page, and will also be the one automatically selected if the user enters the raffle from within the Raffle List Page or from within Discord using the bot.

Team Setup

For a team to be visible within the My communities filter, they must have the bot within their server, have selected it on the team edit page, and have ownership verified. This is indicated by having a green checkmark next to the selected Discord server on the team page.
A raffle should also have the desired Visibility setting when it is created. There are three levels of visibility:
  1. 1.
    All communities - these raffles will be visible to anyone connected to Alphabot. This is a great way to spread awareness of your community's awesome raffles!
  2. 2.
    My community only - these raffles will only be visible to your community members within Alphabot.
  3. 3.
    Private - these raffles will only be visible to your team members within Alphabot.
Note: All raffles are always accessible via their raffle link, regardless of their configured visibility. Always ensure you have raffle requirements sufficient to prevent any users from entering if it is not intended to be a public raffle!