User Setup

Users now have two options for setting up their account with Alphabot, using the Discord bot, or connecting on the website.

Using the Discord bot

From within Discord, the bot offers a slash-commaned called /set-wallet which can be used to instantly create an Alphabot account with the specified wallet, and link their Discord account. This can be useful for users who are wary of connecting their wallet to websites. However, if they need to fulfill a NFT holding requirement, they will have to connect to the website and sign with their wallet to verify ownership and prevent exploits.

Using the Website

For full account setup, the user should navigate to https://www.alphabot.app/connect, where they can connect and sign with their wallet, and sign in to Discord + Twitter to be fully set up and prepared to fulfill any raffle requirements.
Users can also specify a separate mint wallet which will be sent to raffle creators when they win a raffle. This can be set by using the /set-mint-wallet command with the discord bot, or by visiting their profile page within Alphabot and pasting their wallet address into the Mint Wallet field.

Connecting To Mobile

Once a user has set up their account on a desktop or laptop browser, they can easily connect to any mobile browser using the Mobile Connect button in the header. This will display a QR code and a six character code the user can use to connect their account to mobile.
Either scan the QR code or navigate to https://www.alphabot.app on your mobile browser and enter the six digit code and you will be securely connected to that mobile browser with your wallet account!

Multi-Wallet Support

A user can now connect multiple wallets to a single user account in Alphabot! Any of these wallets can be connected to log in as that user, and all of the wallets will be checked for NFT holdings when registering for raffles with NFT requirements. A user will need to sign with these wallets to link them to their account. When a user links a wallet that is already associated to an Alphabot account, any pending raffle entries on that account will be deleted, and any existing wins on that account will be transferred to the main account being linked.
Users can also have multiple mint wallets as well, with a simple dropdown to select which wallet they'd like to submit to a raffle when entering from the main raffle page, as the wallet which will be returned to the team running the raffle in the event of them winning. They can also set a "favorite" which will be used when registering via the raffle list page or from within Discord. Coming soon™️: Team-based default mint wallets
Last modified 7mo ago