The Raffle List Page

The raffle list page will show all raffles the user has entered or are otherwise visible to them. This list can be filtered and sorted to the user's liking.
Users can also enter raffles directly from this page, making it super convenient when they have joined Alphabot communities!
The raffles in the list will indicate their status with a colored flag in their corner (or lack-thereof)
  • No flag means the raffle has not yet been entered.
  • A blue flag with a ticket symbol indicates that the user has entered the raffle, and its status is pending. If there is a number inside the ticket, it means that they have entered multiple times by using a Multiplier Token​
  • A green flag means you won! If this includes a ! symbol, it means there is additional information and potentially additional steps the user must take to receive their prize. Navigating to the raffle page will display this information to winners. Clicking the checkbox will remove the ! symbol. A checkmark symbol means the user's wallet will be added directly to the project contract and no further action will need to be taken. A medal symbol means that neither of these are currently true.
  • A red flag means you didn't win the raffle. Better luck next time!